Brandon & Purvi had an amazing wedding on the beach at Paradise Cove, Ko Olina on Oahu Hawaii. Their entire family, all hailing from New Mexico, were in Hawaii for the first time to witness a visibly happy Brandon tie the knot with his new bride, Purvi. I really enjoyed witnessing the obvious love and connection the two had with each other, which made making some beautiful images of them on their wedding day super easy despite the intense mid-day sun.

Paradise Cove is located on the south western side of Oahu, near Ko Olina and the beautiful Aulani and Four Seasons Resorts. It's a fantastic location for sunset shots, but with a cloudless day and an afternoon wedding, it was more of a challenge then usual to photograph Brandon and Purvi's wedding. Luckily, I've had a lot of practice at bright, sunny beach weddings and I'm really thrilled by what we managed to create.

After a sweet 30 min ceremony, we focused on getting all the family photos for another thirty minutes and then I grabbed the newly married couple and hauled them off down the beach to a hidden cove just around the corner for some romantic photos of just the two of them.

A big thank your to Brandon & Purvi for hiring me as your destination wedding photographer, and for being willing to be so playful and adventurous. Aloha and Mahalo to both of you!

Lightness Photography