A Private & Intimate Sunset Beach Wedding

Kimberly & Tim wanted a simple, private and intimate destination wedding ceremony on the beach in front of the bungalow they had rented on Oahu Hawaii's North Shore. It was a quiet affair with just the two of them, the officiant, his assistant and myself as their wedding photographer. 

Tim waited on the beach with Joe, the officiant, as Kimberly slowly made her way from the bungalow to the beach via a short pathway. When she appeared, it was Tim's first view of Kimberly in her wedding dress and I love how his face lit up. 

The August sun was hot and bright on the white sands of the North Shore beach, giving me a huge challenge to capture well exposed wedding photos with rich vibrant colors but not leaving deep wells of shadows under eyes and chins. Prior to the ceremony, the officiant and I decided our best option to keep anyone from having to face directly into the sun was to position the bride and groom perpendicular to the ocean. It wasn't my preferred positioning, but that's the joy of outdoor beach weddings in Hawaii - it's beautiful but challenging!

Tim & Kimberly exchanged leis in the Hawaiian tradition, followed by the symbolic knot tying of hands with a shell strand. Then they each read a sweet statement of commitment to each other. There was a funny moment when Tim had a little difficulty getting the ring on Kimberly's finger, but it gave me plenty of time to get a great shot at least!

It goes without saying, that not long after this the bride and groom embraced for their first married kiss! Prior to the ceremony, as Tim was waiting on the beach, I had mentioned to him to take his time during the kiss to give me time to take multiple images from different angles... well, Tim took my suggestion to heart... the two of them didn't come up for air for several minutes! 

With the ceremony over, we had plenty of sunlight left for all kinds of fun and creative wedding photos. The beach wedding company that had arranged everything for Kimberly and Tim had brought a huge basket of flower petals with the idea to do a flower toss photo. But they had so many flower petals I realized we didn't need to settle for just one pose, but we could do multiple creative shots! The officiant and his assistant stuck around for a bit to help out with tossing the flower petals. I just LOVE these kind of wedding photos!

After this, we let the newlyweds have a few moments alone while the officiant gathered up his stuff to leave. Of course, I kept an eye on the two lovebirds and took advantage of their unscripted and unposed moments together to get some gorgeously intimate images...I'm sure they won't mind my long range intruding once they see these (warning to all brides...your wedding photographer is never really "off"...it's your wedding day and we're there to make sure we get all those sweet, juicy moments you'll absolutely treasure later!). 

Sunset was now approaching rapidly and we had to move quickly to get as many great photos as we could. Little did we know, however, that we'd end up with a stunningly vibrant sunset of deep red on the far horizon. It ended up being another stunningly beautiful sunset beach wedding on Oahu's North Shore and I love being able to create images like these that will live on for many years, bringing pleasure and joy to a couple who I only got to briefly meet for less than two hours. Man, I've got a great job! 

Congratulations to Kimberly and Tim on your beautiful beach wedding ceremony!