Waikiki Honeymoon Sunset Portraits on the Beach

When Tamara & Mike first contacted me for a honeymoon photography session on the beach, it soon became clear Tamara was having a hard time choosing a location for their portraits. I noticed she liked nearly every place...and liked too many different looks. So when I suggested they simply upgrade to the Luminous Light Package - a double session - they quickly agreed when I explained that this way they'd get the maximum variety of backgrounds, styles, and looks.

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We started out with a morning session at Waialae Beach Park, next to the the palm tree lined beach in front of the romantic Kahala Resort Hotel where they were staying. It was a bright, sunny, near cloudless day with deep blue skies and nearly the whole beach to ourselves. It's always so sweet to work with couples in special occasions like a honeymoon, engagement proposal, anniversary or vow renewals and other tender, romantic moments. What can I say, I'm a gooey romantic at heart!

waikiki honeymoon photos portraits
kahala hotel resort honeymoon photography

Later that evening we met again, this time at Magic Island, on the west end of Waikiki. We wandered around finding great little spots in the humongous park for fun little portraits. But as the sun got closer to the horizon, we moved to the sandy beach for those spectacular romantic sunset portraits that are tailor made for lovers.

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honeymoon portrait on the beach oahu hawaii

It was the end of the session, after the sun had completely set, that we ended up getting the best photo of all! As the sun had been dropping in the sky, I had noticed that the surf was really picking up. Waves were crashing bigger and bigger on the breakwater protecting the little lagoon. Then, just as we were calling it done, the sky turned a deep crimson...right over the rocky breakwater where the waves were crashing. I turned and looked at Mike and Tamara and asked if they were up for one more photo. Absolutely, they both said. But you will most likely get very wet, I warned. They just grinned and said okay. My kind of clients!

So we grabbed our stuff, ran over before the sky could change, waited for a lull in the waves and then quickly got ourselves in position. We made it just in time...for a truly EPIC honeymoon portrait Mike and Tamara will treasure for a lifetime!

epic honeymoon beach sunset portrait