Boy Meets Girl, Falls In Love, Proposes, Girl Says Yes!

The photography request I'm always the most excited to get is the super secret surprise proposal! Arranging the secret plans, the code words and then getting to see it all fall into place and capturing the special moments as they happen is just, well, so...romantic!

Crafting a secret proposal rendezvous on a romantic beach in Hawaii has some particular challenges however. We want a location that has that stunning Hawaii landscape, preferably with the fewest tourists/people in the background, and we want the best possible light on our couple as well. All that while simultaneously trying to arrange a little bubble of privacy to allow an intimate and emotional moment to blossom and express naturally.

Oh, and most of all keeping the intended victim, er, girlfriend, completely in the dark and unsuspecting until the actual moment!

While there are many different ways to set up a secret marriage proposal, there are two basic approaches that seem to work the best for a romantic Hawaii beach surprise proposal.

During a Photo Shoot
First, arrange for a "couples photo session" just because you love her and think it will be great to have romantic photos on the beach at sunset together. By being totally up front and planning it with her, she won't suspect a thing. We'll arrange a secret code word that I will use at some point during the session when I've determined the light and location is ideal. I'll drop the code word casually and that will be your signal that I'm ready to go and it's now all up to you. The benefit to this approach is that your sweetheart knows she was coming to a photo session and thus she showed up with her hair, makeup and clothes how she wanted them.

Sneak Attack
The second approach, which is best for overly suspicious or suspecting victims, er, girlfriends, is that you arrange to go for an exploratory stroll with your sweetheart at a park or beach. You and I have planned on a specific location ahead of time where we will meet. I'm either hiding nearby or, even easier, at the spot pretending to be a tourist taking photos of the landscape (tourists with cameras are everywhere, after all!). You two walk up to the designated spot near the appointed time, and the moment I see you go to one knee, I simply turn and begin snapping your special moment. What I've discovered, is that your sweetheart won't even notice me for awhile, she's so focused on you.

Once your sweetheart has given an enthusiastic yes and she's floating slowly back to earth, we then finish your photo session with as many romantic and fun images as we can. One popular option for many couples is to invest in the Hawaiian double session Package, with the actual proposal being one session at one location, and then a follow up, more formal session at another location. This offers the greatest possible variety and number of images and will score you big points (well, even MORE points) with your sweetheart!

Nothing is more romantic than to have that special fleeting moment in time captured forever to remind you of your love and connection. When you're ready to pop the question, propose to your girlfriend or sweetheart, give us a call and let us help you make your surprise marriage proposal an even more wonderful moment!

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