How Any Couple Can Get Romantic Photos

Posing for couples portraits is like having sex - there are really only so many ways two human bodies can fit together. So it's HOW you fit together that's really the important part. The trick to natural looking romantic photos is to choose a basic pose you like and then make it your own by injecting love. 

Pre-engaged (but it won't be long...)

Celebrating 5 years of marriage

In an ideal world, the couple would snuggle as if they were all alone on a deserted beach, moving as if to soft music only they can hear, the setting sun a warm golden glow on their skin as they gaze into each other's eyes with that blush of first love. The photographer would be like a unseen ghost, circling slowly around them, clicking silently to capture the loving eyes and carefree laughter before it floats away on the wind.

25th wedding anniversary photography session

Yeah...well... let's get back to real life and real couples! :-) Since none of us are Hollywood actors, we'll have to do the best we can with our normal everyday selves!

5th anniversary wedding portrait

In truth, however, there really is a little bit of acting involved. Or maybe a better word for it is remembering. All the images in this blog post are just to give you a starting point to know what to do with your physical body. But once you pick a pose and get into position, you want to OWN it by making any slight adjustments that would be how YOU would stand like that with your sweetheart. And finally, to take it from a pose you assumed to a real connection with your sweetheart, find a memory or thought that helps you FEEL the love you have for them. Think of all the things you appreciate about them. When that feeling rises in your heart, you will naturally find your face and eyes softening as you look at them, your hand rising naturally to their arm or cheek. 

Formal engagement photography session

"She said yes" - surprise proposal

It really is that simple. Simple, but not always easy, of course. 

Just because... Mom & Dad wanted a romantic photo without the kids!

Mountain engagement session

Sunrise engagement portrait

The bottom line is that you could be in the perfect pose with someone, but it would look stiff and unnatural if there was no emotional connection between you.

1st anniversary marriage portrait

Honeymoon romance..

Couples playful vacation photo

I love to shoot weddings because its nearly impossible to catch a bride and groom in a bad photo on their wedding day... the love, joy and happiness they are feeling is so obvious. It's there in every glance, the way their hands keep straying to each other, and how their faces light up with each other. 

Sweet honeymoon portrait on the beach at sunset

Couples Engagement at sunset

Fun anniversary and maternity portrait

These couples poses are mostly all taken from surprise marriage proposal, engagement, honeymoon, anniversary and vow renewal photography sessions but they can obviously be used for any couples in love, no matter what the occasion. 

And what couples doesn't need a sweet portrait like this??

Newly engaged and quite happy about it!

He proposed, she said maybe... not!

Romantic wedding portrait in the surf on the beach at sunset on Hawaii... Sigh.

So the secret to great couples photos and the perfect pose has far less to do with what your bodies are doing and far more to do with what your heart is feeling. Yeah, not all of us can feel that glow of our wedding day again (especially if we've never married), but we can think of all the simple things we appreciate about our partner on an everyday basis. And that's all it takes.

Click. Wow, beautiful photo!

10th Wedding Anniversary…

50th Wedding Anniversary!

The look…you know, THAT look!