A Couples Session that became a Surprise Proposal

Analise booked a couples photo session with me 6 months before their vacation to Oahu Hawaii. She knew where and when she wanted her portrait session too: Lanikai Beach at sunrise. As the day drew near, we texted back and forth a few times to confirm where we'd meet and what time. Then, the night before we were to shoot, I received a text from her long time boyfriend, Michael. After sneaking a peak at her cell to get my number he texted to let me know he planned to propose to Analise during the session.

Well, that got me right excited so I told him we'd do it not long after starting the session, when I knew I had all my lighting dialed in, and that the code word to let me know when to propose would be "epic."

Unfortunately, the morning was a bit overcast but while it wasn't a spectacular morning, it did have a wonderfully soft light. We did about a dozen shots, I fiddled with my lighting, getting it just right, then I said "it's time to get some epic photos."

And that's when Michael - bless his heart - dropped to a knee right there in the sand and water.

It's always amazing and wonderful to be able to witness such heartwarming moments in someone's life, but it can also be quite difficult when you're the photographer...part of me wants to watch and share the moment with them, yet I have to stay focused on the multi tasking demands of focusing, changing angles, watching for split second expressions, all the while adjust settings on the fly. In the end, however, it's always worth it when you can deliver those timeless and priceless moments of pure joy!

Just as we were about done with the session, the sky darkened dramatically and within minutes it was pouring rain. We were drenched by the time we got back to our cars, but it all worked perfectly.

Best wishes to you both, Analise and Michael!

If you'd like to see more, here's a slideshow of their sweet romantic photo session on the deserted beach of Lanikai Oahu just before dawn.