The Loran Family of four (plus one girlfriend) signed up for our Luminous Light Package, utilizing the double session option. On New Year's Day morning, Jan 1st of 2017, we met at Kawela Bay Park on Oahu's North Shore (near Turtle Bay) for the first session of the day. On the agenda: fun family portraits in the trees and forest followed by beach play in the waves. And wow, did we all have a great time!

family photo shoot waikiki

After the morning session, we all met up again at the Beach House Rental where they were staying, next to Sunset Beach on the North Shore. Sunset was at 6pm so we started our second session at 4:30pm, planning to shoot thru till 6:30pm.

For the second session we reversed our plan, with the family starting off in swimwear and then when we 15 min away from sunset, they quickly changed back into nice clothes for more formal, gorgeous sunset portraits.

I love it when clients are adventurous and not afraid to get a little bit wet. And the Loran Family definitely loved being in the water! I was also thrilled to discover a shallow tide pool acting as a natural reflection! The weather, sunset, tide and location all conspired to give us the chance to capture some stunning and epic family sunset beach photos! And at the very end, we played around with a little light painting: a long shutter speed and a cell phone as a light source created some romantic photos long after the sun had set on the first day of 2017.

Check out their photos in this short, fun slideshow - and turn up the volume for some toe tapping music!