On Halloween morning, 2016, I got a call from Damien asking if I was possibly available that evening. After a month of setting up several vendors for his surprise marriage proposal to his girlfriend, Janine, every one of the vendors, including the photographer, had cancelled at the last minute! 

As it happened, I was open and I love romantic surprise proposals! Damien and I put our heads together and over the course of the next hour or so and several phone calls and texts we had a plan. I would be on the boardwalk at Magic Island an hour before sunset, pretending to take landscape photos of the Waikiki skyline and Diamond Head, and Damien would show up with Janine to take a walk before their supposed dinner reservations. I texted him my picture and told him to stop with Janine about 10 feet from me. Damien's two friends were hiding behind a tree near by to take video as well.

When the moment came and Damien and Janine showed up, I was busy peering thru my camera pretending to be intently focused on what I was doing. Then as soon as I saw Damien go to his knee out of the corner of my eye, I pivoted and starting shooting. It was a complete surprise to Janine and Damien got the answer he was hoping for - she enthusiastically said yes! 

Once the celebrating was over, we then proceeded to have a romantic sunset couples portrait session that only ended long after sunset. Congratulations to Damien & Janine!